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Netam draws attention with his extraordinary arrangements which embrace the ever-changing and evolving structure of music. He produces a genre-free music that blends organic instruments and synthesizers with recorded/captured sounds from daily life. He uses violin, santur, keyboard as well as synthesizer and computer on his live sets.


Netam, who stands out with his ability to use Anatolian elements in an innovative way in his albums “Consensus” and “Yabani”, released by Kanto Records, proves his productivity with the “Hikaye EP” released by Tamar Records, which is intertwined with Damla Temel's vocals and melodies. 


He pulled people to the dancefloor with the remix he made for Gaye Su Akyol's “Fantastiktir Bahti Yarimin” and his latest release, “ZIPKIN EP” by Noiseist Redords.



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