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Kalaha + Hilal Kaya


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Kalaha is a music band from Denmark, produces afro jazz, electronic and Turkish psych rock works consisting of Emil de Waal on drums, Jens B. Christiansen a.k.a Rumpistol on keyboards and backing vocals, Niclas Knudsen from İbrahim Electric on guitar, Anders Stig Møller on bass guitar and Hilal Kaya on vocals.


Including Turkish-origin musician Hilal Kaya in their instrumental works, the group received the best composition award at the 2019 Danish Music Awards with their piece "Mama Ngoma" and nominated for the best song in the Danish Music Awards Roots category in 2020 with "Eymen", which they released together with Hilal Kaya.


Their song "Özgürüm Ben", included in their album "Mystafa" released in 2021, was the first Turkish work to hit the radar of national radios in Denmark, and the band performed this song live on the evening of Danish Music Awards Jazz Category.


Kalaha, who started working on their new album "Tutku" with the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and Hilal Kaya in late 2021, will release their new album in mid-2022. Deva, as the second single of the album, took its place on digital platforms recently.


The songs of the group, in which Hilal Kaya accompanies the electro and jazz tones with her strong voice, are enjoyed in many countries, especially in Turkey and Denmark.



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