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Dafné Kritharas


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Dafné Kritharas takes her inspiration from a repertoire born from the convergence of cultures that cohabited for four centuries under the Ottoman Empire: Greek, Sephardic, Bosnian, Armenian, Turkish songs...


Her 2nd album Varka (released in october 2021), brings together musicians from various backgrounds and gives a new lease of life to these forgotten songs. Lulled by the songs of the islands and the rebetika, fueled by jazz, folk and a subtle electro note, this album also stands out for its virtuoso instrumentalists. On her side, Dafné Kritharas' voice is at once intimate, pure and heartbreaking.


She sings the exile, the love and joy, while also unveiling some of her own compositions in Greek: true stories transformed into mysterious tales where scorned women become fearsome queens of the mountains and where the roaring sea protects the oppressed. In january 2021, she won the Prix des Musiques d'ici - Diaspora Music Awards.

She performs mainly in quintet with Paul Barreyre (guitar, vocals), Camille El Bacha (piano, keyboards, MAO),

Matthias Courbaud (double bass) & Milàn Tabak (drums)



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